Cow and calf strain

It’s Sunday morning as I type this.  In common with most runners, Sunday mornings should not comprise lounging round in your dressing gown drinking aeropress coffee and eating bacon and eggs.  No, you should be out running.

At this very moment, I should be warming down after running the Thirsk 10 mile race, but instead I am resting after tweaking my calf.  I don’t think it is a serious injury,  a strain rather than a tear.

A few years ago, I may have thought, “ah, she’ll be right” and just gone and run the race anyway.  However, six weeks out from my target marathon, that would be pretty stupid.

A strain can easily become a tear and then I would be out for a month with no hope of running well in London.

On the positive side,  my 5K race on Thursday went went.  It was at the York Sport Village cycle track – 5 laps of a flat 1K loop.

The race was run in two heats – the A race is for sub  21:30 runners starting at 8pm and the B race started at 7:15pm.

I drove across with Liz and our friend Hannah.  It was a cool and windy night so I presumed a fast time was unlikely.  Liz went in the first heat and ran a near perfect race.  She  dropped into about 10th place and just worked her way through the field with absolutely metronomic pacing – every km was within a couple of seconds.

She finishing second behind a guy who by rights should have been in the faster heat.

My pacing wasn’t nearly as good as Liz, but it wasn’t disastrous. Although I wore my Garmin, I purposefully did not look at it once during the race.  I tried to be ‘in the moment’ and just race my competitors instead.

As it was windy, I hoped to run in a group and take some shelter, but as the race settled I got unhitched from a group of about 5 – they were just going that little bit too quick for me, so I ran laps 2,3 and 4 mostly alone.

I was flagging a little at the start of lap 4,  but my ire was pricked when a competitor passed me on the inside by running on the grass infield  (a bit naughty in my book). “Come on mate, keep it real” I said and then surged ahead and cut in front of him in a fit of pique.

The little incident spurred me to kick on hard and I finished in a time of 18:29 for 31st place and first in my age category.  On a windy night, I was happy with that. I’d given in full beans and delivered my effort fairly evenly, which is all you can really do in  a race.

The following day, I knew my calf was feeling a bit tight as I was going about my working day.  After work, I donned running kit and headed out for a slow recovery plod around the block.  After just a few yards, I felt the insidious knot of pain halfway up my calf so I stopped immediately.

Hopefully, a few days rest will see me right.


LM -6 weeks

11 stone 2.8 lbs

10.6 miles, longest run 5 miles

Parkrun : None (injured)

RunBritain Ranking 2.7 (unchanged) (MV50 rank 217)


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