25 amazing facts about running that will completely blow your mind…

…the title is just a little social experiment.  I wondered if a ludicrous Buzz-Feed style click-bait title would have any effect on my blog traffic.

Well you clicked, so I guess it worked with you…

The Trimpell 20 last week must have taken more out of me than I realised – I felt jaded all week.

It’s not surprising– running 77% of the marathon distance at sub PB race pace is a significant effort, and one would expect to take a week or two off completely after a marathon.

So I’ve had a low mileage week, not really what I had planned for. A month out from the target marathon should really be one of the biggest mileage weeks.  However, if your legs feel dead and there are pains in your knees and hips, there is no future in flogging the horse just for the sake of it.

After the clocks sprung forward on Sunday, a group of Striders met on a sharp but stunning morning up at the reservoirs, a runner’s heaven.

I hoped for a 21/22 mile run, but early into the run I knew it wasn’t feeling good.

I felt a niggling soreness in my left knee, although I could run on it with moderate discomfort, I saw no point in risking aggravating it and perhaps putting London in jeopardy.

I bimbled round for 14 miles and then jacked in after two of the planned three laps. I don’t think it is serious, but I am going to take a few days off running. I’ll try to do some cross training on the bike or rower.

As well as being a runner, I’m quite interested in the science of running and would like to progress into coaching in the future. I’m currently a volunteer coach for the first Young Tritons Running Club group in the country – a programme for boys leading up to a 5K run after 9 weeks.  It’s basically the boys version of the Mini Mermaids running club run by my friend Hannah Corne.

Our boys are boisterous and challenging, but it is great fun and I am certainly learning plenty about myself and how best to interact with children.

On Saturday, I completed the Leader in Running Fitness Course run by British Athletics, a starter/foundation course and hopefully I will build on this with more courses and more experience in the future.

Provided I recover during the week, I’ll do my last long run before London next Sunday at the reservoirs. I have two races during the taper period – the Vale of York 10 the following Sunday and the Salford 10K on Good Friday.


LM-4 weeks

44.7 miles, longest run 14.1 miles

Parkrun – none

Weight 11 St 3.2 lbs.

Aerobic efficiency on Sunday run 1002 beats per mile


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