Walk this Way

The Physio has bestowed on me the right to try only 5 minute jogs for the foreseeable future.  After admonishing me for my disobedience of her orders last week, she enthusiastically set about sorting out some knots in my calf (agony).  Then got to work on the sole of my foot, which was very tight, apparently.

She said that it would hurt… Holy Molasses, she wasn’t joking! I laid face down, thinking that I might have to bite the pillow because of the excruciating pain. It took strength of will from down in my very core to stop the tears from flowing.

Then she had a go at me and said that she really didn’t like the way I was walking! Apparently I hitch my hips like John Wayne. Charming!

All that cost me fifty eight quid. Being injured really sucks!

I’m basically training for a 57 mile running ultra by not running.  I am working hard to keep as fit as possible – I have done a 3 month deal with the guy who runs the gym in my office building – I go into that cavern of soullessness every lunch time and beast myself for an hour on the wattbike and an uphill stair climber thingy. Its unspeakably dull and I am becoming obsessed with Heart rate zones and power outputs.

Also I can’t seem to avoid putting on weight.  I’m dangerously close to 12 stones, which is frankly completely unacceptable. My diet has lapsed a little, but at least some of the weight gain may be down to building some muscle mass (as I tell myself) because of all the rowing. Hopefully the weight will come down when I am running again.


CM – 13 weeks. 1 mile run (54,000m rowed)
Weight 11st 10.6 lbs
parkruns: None
Longest run 0.5 miles


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