Not lot to tell you about this week kids I’m afraid.

At first, I thought everything was getting back to normal.  I went for a run on Tuesday lunchtime – 10K – and I even pushed the pace a bit for a few miles in the middle of the run. Aerobically, the run told me that I’m still fairly fit, but unsurprisingly the leg muscles were a bit stiff the day after.

It was encouraging, maybe I had cracked it…

I had half an eye on Sunday, as I had an entry in one of my favourite races – the Snake Lane 10 miler. After a lazy bimble on Thursday, on a whim I decided to run a fitness test on Saturday afternoon.  I figured that if I could run for 7 miles with a bit of tempo pace in the middle then maybe I was cured and I could risk the Snake Lane 10 and go back to normal.

I ran my test around my standard village 7 mile figure of eight course, made more exciting by bumping into Olympic medallists Ali and Jonny Brownlee in Golden Acre Park. It felt great, I could easily run a few sub 7 minute miles without getting out of breath, though after 5 miles my legs were starting to feel it.

Unfortunately, I knew on waking on Sunday morning that I’d done too much too soon, my achilles was really sore again and there was no way that I was going to race. Oh well.

There was no visit to the Physiotherapist this week, I’m back next Wednesday and I’m sure she’ll give me a good telling off – quite rightly.

There are now fewer than 100 days until Comrades. My ambitions are changing from running to gain another Bill Rowan to just completing and getting the back to back prize.


CM – 14 weeks. 17.9 miles run (28,642m rowed)
Weight 11st 8.0 lbs
parkruns: None
Longest run 7 miles


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