Baby Steps

I went for a run on Saturday! OK, it was only a five minute jog at 9 minute mile pace, but that represents progress. A journey of a thousand miles and all that.

I went to see the physio again on Wednesday. I’m impressed that she is obviously aiming to treat the cause rather than just the symptoms of my achilles problem. She thinks there is possible a neural cause and the main thing I have to do is lots of calf strengthening and glute exercises. She said that I was walking noticeably better, whatever that meant…to be honest it was just regular walking to me, I noticed no difference.

She spent a good 20 minutes working deep into my left calf.  There were a couple of areas that were just incredibly painful when she got her thumbs in. I was yelping and jerking on the massage table in absolute agony! She didn’t back off, so I hope it does some good. Clearly a good physio needs a streak of sadism.

She said that if I felt OK, then I may try a 5 minute slow jog at the weekend, then wait to see if there is a reaction and then try another jog two days later if its OK.  At that rate, I’m not going to get back into full Comrades mode any time soon.

I’ve kept up the rowing in an effort to keep fit, doing at least 20 minutes per day and I even did a full 1 hour effort on Friday evening, managing 13,779 metres at about 2.10/500m pace. A full hour on an indoor rower is a very long time so I paced it very conservatively, keeping my HR down below 130 for most of it. At least the rowing is helping to improve my somewhat weedy guns…

On Sunday I went to support my Valley Striders team-mates running at the final race of the Peco XC league at Roundhay Park.  Being an injured runner makes one feel a little isolated in a running club. As you don’t turn up to training or races, its easy to feel marginalised and out of the loop. It was a lovely crisp winter’s morning and great to cheer on the Striders.

I feel more positive about things this week.  My calf feels OK today after the little run, so I should be alright to jog gently on every third day now.

Could that be a chink of light?

CM – 15 weeks. 0.5 miles
Weight 11st 7.6 lbs
parkruns: None
Longest run 0.5 miles



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