Losing my shirt

For the first time in about 6 years, I have spent a week on the planet without running a single step.

I don’t like it much – it’s causing a quiet melancholy, a feeling of fitness gently melting away.

I went to see a sports physio on Monday – the Coach House practice in Leeds, mainly because I’d seen plenty of recommendations from other runners.

The Physio immediately saw that my left achilles tendon was thicker than the right. I told her that I had been doing a lot of calf lowering exercises. Oh dear, she said, that may have been making things worse – not permitting my achilles a chance to recover

She spent a long time trying to establish why my left achilles is a regular cause of problems for me. After observing me stand in various poses and then walk up and down in just my shorts, she said that I appeared to be over-using my core muscles and not using my glutes. She also thought my coccyx was misaligned.

I have a series of rehabilitation exercises to do – mostly calf work, but also a glutes re-education programme, intended to get the glutes ‘firing’ rather than my core muscles when I run. However, she said there was to be no running for a while.

I have been doing the rehab work but I can’t really tell if I am getting better. In normal life, just walking around, I feel no pain or discomfort. However, I have no confidence in my achilles, I think that if I run, it will be sore again, but the only way to find out will be to try it out, but not yet.

I intend to try to keep fit mainly by indoor rowing.  If the weather was better and it was lighter in the evenings then I would venture out on my bike, however, I’m a nervous cyclist.  There are too many car drivers looking at their phones for my liking.

I had two days working in Glasgow on Tuesday and Wednesday and have just spent a boozy weekend in Woking celebrating my mate Tim’s 50th birthday, losing my shirt at Sandown races on Saturday into the bargain. It was great fun and certainly helped take my mind off the injury.

Tim is also recovering from a serious achilles injury, which he aggravated by running the Berlin marathon with me last September. He went for his first run this week after nearly 5 months, I hope mine isn’t that bad.

Basically, I have had a week of eating crap and not doing enough exercise. It’s time to pull my socks up.


CM – 16 weeks. 0 miles
Weight 11st 8.6 lbs
parkruns: None
Longest run 0 miles


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