Gerron’ wi’ it

…to quote the genius that is Fred Boycott (look him up on Twitter, he’s a hilarious fictitious Yorkshireman). For non-Yorkshire readers, this phrase translates as something like “I wish the Comrades marathon was commencing imminently”.

I am getting a bit tired of the Comrades training, well, more accurately, I am getting tired of having this huge physical event hanging over me.  I just want to get to the start line and let Comrades do its worst, my training can make no difference now.

I’ve been training specifically for Comrades for 19 weeks now, hell that’s nearly half a year!, that’s almost certainly too long to focus on one event…

My new Brooks shoes arrived on Friday – they are a just a tad too small, so they have gone back for an exchange. It’s probably too close to the big day to start fannying about with new kit, so I’ll have to wear my Hokas.

Highlight of the week was listening to Professor Brian Cox talking about the History of the Universe for 40 minutes whilst I attended a conference in Manchester. It was spectacularly mind-blowing.

Conclusion – space is like, really, really big, and getting bigger and has probably always existed and probably always will.  Scientists have done loads of very hard sums which completely prove this. There’s probably no need for a God or an Act of creation, so we might as well forget all these stupid religious fights and try to enjoy our lives. Carl Sagan said it best.

My scorching 5K PB of 17:23 at the John Carr race two weeks ago has been expunged from the record books.  The course was 30 metres short! Bummer.  I’ll have to have another go next Wednesday in the final race of the series.

Because I am a saddo, I worked out that 30 metres represents 6.25 seconds, so my target is sub 17:30.

I ran Roundhay parkrun for a change this week, it’s a much harder course than Woodhouse Moor, with a thrice climbed ‘hill of doom’.

I got into a full-on race with a young headphone dick for third/fourth place (his music blaring so loudly that I could hear it from several feet behind him).  He left me on the climb each lap, I then cruised past him using my superior lean-forward-and-disengage-brain downhill running technique, only for him to repeat the dose each lap.  He outkicked me on the final uphill sprint, but he did have the decency to shake my hand and say ‘good race’ at the end.

Sunday was a lovely steady longish meandering run around the Harewood Estate with Myra, Joel and Hannah from the club. We covered 16 rolling miles in just over two hours and we saw Red Kites.

CM -2 weeks
Weight 11st 3lb
57 Miles
parkrun – Roundhay 18:38 (4th)


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