Schools Out

Training for this marathon and following a (fairly) regimented training plan has reminded me of school days.  It feels like I am preparing for an exam, having to do all the coursework (the bulk of training), then undertake a period of revision (the taper) and finally take the exam – i.e. run the actual race. The pass mark is sub 3 hours!

If that analogy holds true then I’ve done all the lessons and now I start revising.  I did my final long run today – 20 miles around the Fewston/Swinsty reservoirs   It was a windy old day, so it was a grind in the sections with a headwind. I ran it at 07.57 miling overall.

I got a niggly ankle pain at the end of the second lap, it got more severe halfway into the third and final lap, so I slowed down and just got the thing done.  I had vague intentions of trying to do a few miles at or near marathon pace at the end of the run, but the ankle pain put me off and to be frank I just couldn’t be arsed.  I did 20 miles at marathon pace last Sunday, so I feel confident I can run at or around 6:50 miling.  Given the strong wind and undulating terrain around the reservoirs, there seemed little point pushing it today.

Although I had a drink and gels in the car, which I could have taken after 6.5 and 13 miles, I didn’t bother – I just ran it without nutrition and without stopping once.

Annoyingly, my Garmin 405 GPS watch has started playing up – despite being fully charged when I left home, it completely packed in after two hours of running. Having just spent £260 on a fancy cycling Garmin GPS unit I don’t really want to have to shell out for another running Garmin watch.  I’m convinced that technology companies design their devices in a way that ensures they will malfunction after about 2-3 years.  Strangely, they are never user serviceable.  The Man really does take us for a bunch of mugs.

I had a good threshold run at parkrun on Saturday – my time was a bit slower than last week at 18:17, but it was still a very hard effort.  I felt strong.

I have nice week ahead – a day off work tomorrow so I can enjoy a game of golf with some mates over in Lytham St Annes, a couple of days working in the office in Leeds and then on Thursday I’ll be in London so I can attend an evening drinks reception at Kensington Palace. The Street Child charity has invited me because I have entered the Sierra Leone marathon. I’ve no idea who will be there, it’s my first time at such a posh event – I’d better make sure that my shoes are nice and clean!

Running wise, I’ll aim for around 40 miles for the week, I want to feel fairly fresh for the Thirsk 10 next Sunday.  If it’s a calm day, I’ll be giving it full gas and see how fast I can go.


M – 3 Weeks /  60 miles. Longest run 20 miles. Parkrun (Leeds) 18:17 (8th). Weight after Sunday run 11 st. 1.6 lb


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