Going Long

So much for an improved performance at the cross country. I finished 101st male at Peco race 1 and guess what, I finished 101st male at Peco race 2. Oh well. I’ll definitely never be very good at cross country, but they say its great training.

I think that’s what people that are good at cross country say to people that are not that good at cross country.  A bit like, well, she has a nice personality…

My day off on Monday wasn’t wasted. 18 muddy miles along the canal with Rav at bang on 8 minute miling. Not bad considering the strong headwind on the outrun and all the jumping and skipping we did to avoid the worst of the puddles.  Nice to bank at least one solid long one this side of the Christmas excess.

Tonight was the club session – 5 x 6 minutes. I was still feeling the effects of yesterday’s miles, so I didn’t give every interval my absolute 100% effort, but I went pretty hard all the same.  A nice easy run commute tomorrow and then a bit of a mini taper for Saturday’s parkrun at Leeds – lets see if we can get under 18:15 again.  Portents of grim weather approaching …

Need to sleep a bit better though, I have been waking up in the early hours wondering what the cricket score is.  Without fail, Australia have scored millions and England haven’t. I’ll be glad when its over.


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