The Benefits of Running with Friends…

M – 17 Weeks

This was a low mileage week, due to a midweek trip to Birmingham for business (erm, OK it was the office Christmas party), horrendous winds on Thursday which meant a 5 hour train journey back from Birmingham to Leeds and another Business trip/Christmas function to Preston on Friday.

However, with still 17 weeks to go, there is no need to worry, this is just the pre-training phase.  After indulging on Friday, I sensibly decided to stay over in Preston rather than worry about the expense and logistics of getting back on Friday evening full of alcohol.  Feeling not 100% but reasonably OK, I decided to run Preston parkrun on Saturday morning.

Preston parkrun is  great  – a three-lapper round the beautiful Avenham and Miller parks with a nasty short sharp incline in each lap. I went off a little bit too hard and paid for it on the hill on the third lap, but overall I was pleased with 18.51 and third place overall from 97 starters.

On Sunday we had the first group run with a few fellow Manchester entrants from my running club, Valley Striders.  We met up in the Otley Chevin country park and meandered around the  trails, in total I ran around 13 miles at a very sedate 8.50 miling average but it felt much easier running with a group rather than my long solo runs.

There is a good group of maybe 8 athletes from Valley Striders who have all entered Manchester and I think our little training group will be very helpful to us all.

M-17 32 miles Longest run 13 miles parkrun (Preston 18.51)  Weight after Sunday run 11 st. 7.8 lb.


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